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About Us

Integrity Advocate is a privacy company that provides identity verification, participation monitoring, and examination proctoring for online training events. Human reviewers assisted by, artificial intelligence and biometric technology, are able to monitor the learning environment and the learner while providing the highest level of privacy protection.

Integrity Advocate provides both its patent pending technology, and an on-demand service that together capture and review each learning event so that utilizing institutions / organizations are free from ongoing administration obligations.

Services are available 24/7, wherever and whenever needed, through any current browser, on desktops, laptops, tablets, chromebooks or mobile devices. The best part is that there is no plugin/software install required.


Mobile / Tablet Friendly

Works across all tablets, chromebooks, laptops, desktops & mobile devices. Hardware flexibility is key in today’s world and we have got that mastered.

Privacy Protection

Data encryption is not enough. Our partners & learners are protected through the use of Privacy by Design architecture.

On Demand

No scheduling ever required. ID verification & proctoring services available 24/7.

Administrative Freedom

Standard LMS integration removes requirement for client administrators to review / release results.

Seamless User Experience

No user installation required & compatible with all internet browsers. Learners never have to leave your LMS.

Low Bandwidth Protection

Innovative low bandwidth protection provides continuity of service where competitors cannot operate.

Hybrid Solution

Our hybrid identity & participation verification process uses a patent pending 3 Level combination of human reviewers, AI & Biometrics.

24/7 Live Customer Support

We want to hear from your learners. Our CSR team is available to assist 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Health & Safety

From oil and gas, construction, and health care, to the hospitality and food service industries, we are assisting stakeholders across the globe achieve their shared compliance and safety goals. Integrity Advocate provides a true win-win by reducing costs while increasing both safety standards and defensibility.


Online learning and testing doesn't have to be inflexible. No scheduling required, mobile and tablet friendly. Browser agnostic with screen lockdown capabilities. We have taken online assessment and exam proctoring into the new millennium.

Professional Associations

Dedication to the highest standards is of the utmost importance to us and the professional associations we support. Integrity Advocate is proud to assist professional associations globally to ensure their online training and testing demonstrating the integrity of their organization.

Human Resources

Screening job candidates and on-boarding new employees around the world is no longer a daunting task. Hire, train and retain only the best personnel using our Form Authorization and ID Verification & Remote Proctoring Tools.


Confirm the identity and participation of Moodle Learners

Integrity Advocate today announced the release of the first ID Verification & Remote Proctoring plugin for the Moodle, the world’s largest open source learning platform. 

Industry News

Data can’t be breached if it doesn’t exist

Unfortunately, the hacking of, sale and distribution of private data has become a major concern to educational institutions, students, and private organizations alike.  


Software/plugin installations - the growing risk.

As children some of us were told never to talk to strangers. The reasoning behind this was quite simple at the time, not everyone could be trusted, and it was a much better idea to be safe rather than sorry.